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The Game Awards 2020

The Game Awards 2020
The hugely popular Game Awards event celebrates the achievements of developers in the past 12 months, but there are usually new game trailers and reveals sprinkled in for the thousands of fans that tune in from home.
We’re still quite a way off until 2020’s ceremony, but when will it take place and how can you watch? We answer those questions, along with what to expect from the show this year, below.

When will the Game Awards 2020 air?

The Game Awards usually take place in December, and we imagine that this year will be no different. Previous awards have taken place in the early evening, west coast time.
Unfortunately, that translates to a fairly late start in the UK. However, typically there’s a slew game announcements that take place during the event which make the long night worth it.

How can I watch the Game Awards 2020?

If the ceremony is anything like last year, you should be able to watch the Game Awards on a number of online platforms, including YouTube, Twitch and Facebook. It’s previously been streamed in 4K on YouTube for those with a 4K TV or high-end PC monitor. What’s next? VR support? (all jokes aside, that’d be pretty amazing).

Game Awards 2020 nominees

At the moment, nominees haven’t yet been revealed. We do imagine that the pandemic may have an effect on this year’s show, as many titles may be severely delayed and therefore not make the cut. Once nominees are revealed (usually very close to the ceremony), viewers can vote online. You can see last year’s line up on the Game Awards website.
Besides those getting awards, we’ll also see a whole bunch of exciting news for 2021 and beyond. 

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